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Episode 13 - Be E(3)xcellent To Each Other + 6 Good N64 Games

June 25, 2019

We're back for Episode 13! 


In this episode Cody and Eric catch up on the news and pick 6 good N64 games. 


Episode Guide


Quick Questions 1:58

News 5:37

6 Good Games 1:22:10

Eric's Take 1:40:18

Cody's Big Review 1:52:47

Cody's Corner 1:53:28

High Score Results 2:08:36


Show Notes


Super Spectrum World


Colors for the Amico


Atgames Seems To Be Testing The Waters With A Full-Size Arcade Cabinet Full Of Roms Legends Ultimate


You May Have Thought The Ouya Was Long Gone, But It's Official End Is Still A Month Away


Flufy Cleaning Co. - A Procedurally Generated Jet Set Willy Clone for Windows

Robots Rumble - A great puzzle game for the Commodore 64 has been released

Realms of Quest V for the Vic-20 from Double Sided games - also Winterdane - Double Sided Games announces a new C64 Rogue Dungeon Crawler!


SlipStar - Another awesome looking C64 Shoot em up in dev by Sarah Jane Avory

Wolfling Enhanced - RGCD announces Nesdev game will be coming to the Amiga, C64 & PC/Linux/MacOS!

Coco Banana - Going Banana's for this new Amiga game by Amiten Software

Jump! - Amiga version of Yoomp! has been announced

Hyperborea - A Bullet Hell shooter is coming to the Amiga

A work in progress Mario clone for the Commodore Amiga

H.E.R.O 68k - HOT NEWS as this classic game is coming to the Amiga as a remake!

ZX SPECTRUM - Operation: Labyrinth Fall - Ross Adkin's latest speccy game

Percy Penguin in the Present Palaver - Feeling festive early in this new ZX Spectrum game

PSX Breakout Board (VGA, SVIDEO Component, Composite) By @Tinkerplunk


Arcade 1Up - Golden Tee cabinet – Trackball – 299.00



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