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Episode 54 - What was the name of that game!? - Battle Of The Systems (F-Zero X (N64) vs. Wipeout 2097 (PSX))

March 15, 2021

We're back for Episode 54

In this episode Cody and Eric catch up on the news and Battle Mayhem in F-Zero X (N64) vs. Wipeout 2097 (PSX).

We are doing news for the first monthly episode and then "catching up" later in the month.


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Quick Questions 2:48

Patreon 16:04

News 31:34

Tea Time With Tim - Racing games! 1:15:15

Cody's Corner - 1:31:46

Battle Of The Systems - Futuristic Racers!  F-Zero X (N64) vs Wipeout 2097 (PSX) - 2:07:36


News -   

(Cody) Amico announced about 30% of games will be available in Physical for 19.99.    Also new game Finigan Fox receives footage. 

(Cody) https://kotaku.com/you-can-claim-playstation-plus-monthly-ps5-games-before-1846415763 

(Eric) Spectrum Next Update – new motherboard revision, new games, Way Of The exploding fist and Target Renegade. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/spectrumnext/zx-spectrum-next-issue-2/posts/3114393?ref=ksr_email_backer_project_update_registered_users  

(Cody) Evercade – Intellivision Collections 1 and 2 

(Eric) Two new c64 games upcoming from psytronik – Battle Kingdom and Bad Moon Rising - http://www.psytronik.net/newsite/index.php/c64/131-battle 


(Cody)Intellivision Amico postponed until Fall 2021 – Another deal –topps digital services 

(Eric) Loop Hero released on Steam – Wow! Looks cool! https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2021/03/loop-hero-review-ive-somehow-gotten-hooked-on-an-rpg-that-plays-itself/ 

(Cody) My Arcade Cartridge - https://www.amazon.com/My-Arcade-Cartridge-Converter-Famicom-Adapter/dp/B07NHHSLG8/ref=pd_rhf_ee_s_bmx_1?pd_rd_w=vwPhn&pf_rd_p=3a0bd4d8-5087-48a5-8847-1b9d58eaefc3&pf_rd_r=A4DJKYZDJD37ZZWTNAFC&pd_rd_r=1433ea78-7e21-419b-b60a-8db01d7465c0&pd_rd_wg=yPekY&pd_rd_i=B07NHHSLG8&psc=1 

(Cody)  Hypkerkin Hyper Podium and Retron SQ 



(Tim) BenVenn’s Lynx II Solderless Drop In LCD Kit - Infinite backlight control 


(Eric) JetpacRX author releases JetpacRX81 – a cool “demake” of JetpacRX on the ZX Spectrum 

(Cody) Indie Retro news Cool New games releases – Albert on the Atari 8bits 


Alex Kidd 3 Curse in Miricle World 


Spider Fighter on the Atari 2600 -  


Black Dawn Rebirth Goes Free! 


Desolate – TI-83 to Spectrum. 



(Tim) Cheesy Trials – 24k Expanded VIC20 game by Hewco, published by TFW8B now available 


Also... Brick Rick, Graveyard Shift for ZX Spectrum as mentioned last month is now going to be getting a physical release published by TFW8B. Release in the next cople of weeks apparently. 


(Cody) Retrofighters Duelist 


(Tim) Circuit Superstars by Original Fire Games, coming soon on Steam, also to be released on Switch, PS4, Xbox One. Retro inspired top down racer. 



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