Pixel Gaiden Gaming Podcast

Pixel Gaiden High Score Challenge - Neutron on the C64

June 5, 2019

This month's Pixel Gaiden High Score Challenge is Neutron by Sarah Jane Avory on the Commodore 64! Post your scores here on Twitter at @pixel_gaiden or email podcast at pixelgaiden.com and we'll post them on the web site and announce on next episode. Entries must be in by Saturday June 8th at midnight PST. You must have something in the pic showing the words Pixel Gaiden.

High Scores

1. @_SP175_ - 94,600
2. @oddba1149 - 69,500
3. @Amon_RA - 63,200
4. @saxion - 48,600
5. @duhproject - 39,400