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Episode 11 - We’re bringing the MSeXy Back! + 6 Good Atari 2600 Games

May 16, 2019

Welcome back for another episode of Pixel Gaiden!

In this episode Cody and Eric catch up on what they've been playing and adding to their collections.

In the "6 Good Games" segment, they cover Atari 2600 games!!!

Episode Guide


Quick Questions 4:07

Catching Up 27:10

Battle Of The Systems 2:34:00

Eric's Take 2:57:00

Cody's Big Review 3:15:18

Cody's Corner 3:16:02

News 3:35:40

6 Good Games 4:18:52


Show Notes


SNES Gradius 3 Patch


New NeoGeo Systems? NG2 and NG3 along with new MS


Amico – Earthworm Jim Interview



ZXNext Update


ZX VGA Joy – VGA and Kempston input for your ZX Spectrum


RiverRaid Reloaded - A new River Raid clone released for the Amiga


First Images Of Cartridge-Based Retro Console The Evercade Revealed


Night Knight MSX Game


FoxyLand - A charming platformer is coming to the Sega Mega Drive

Realms of Quest V - An eye opening RPG for the VIC-20 coming July 1st, 2019

PONG 4K - A wicked Amiga CD32 Pong stye game now as a boxed edition

Sydney Hunter and the Caverns of Death - In development Sega Master System version of a great game teased

Micro Mages - New NES platformer hits the stores

Sinden Light Gun – Kickstarter 3 times more than goal




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