Pixel Gaiden Gaming Podcast

Episode 8 - Narrow & Powerful, or Wide & Weak + 6 Good Under Appreciated Games

February 16, 2019

Welcome back for another episode of Pixel Gaiden!

In this episode Cody and Eric catch up on what they've been playing and adding to their collections.

In the "6 Good Games" segment, they cover under appreciated games!!!

Quick Questions 2:20
Catching Up 13:13
High Score Contest 2:22:50
Battle Of The Systems 2:27:22
News 3:02:14
Eric's Take 3:44:28
Cody's Big Review 3:55:53
Cody's Corner 3:55:36
Six Good Games 4:25:29

BraalerGen Sega Genesis and Saturn Controller


Wii Channel Closing


Arcade1up bartop (Wallcades)


XBOX Live coming to Nintendo Switch


Quick video of fully assembled ZX Spectrum NEXT


Another Coleco System


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